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Statement of commitment and action reagrding Equality, Inclusion and Diversity

Meeting: 21/07/2020 - Council (Item 11)

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To receive the statement of commitment and action regarding Equality, Inclusion and Diversity.


The Chair presented the item as a cross-party statement, produced jointly by Group Leaders with input from other Members and the Chief Executive. He said that it sought to send positive signals to residents, communities and visitors to the District, as well as to the Council’s employees, that diversity and inclusion were valued by the Council. It also recognised that the Council could not be complacent and needed to take further action. He proposed the motion on behalf of all Members to endorse the statement, to establish Community Listening Events, referred to in paragraph 12 and to establish an Oversight Panel, referred to in paragraph 13.


Councillor Khan seconded the motion and praised the four public speakers for their contributions. He said he was pleased that a joint statement position had been reached, although he noted that there had been some hostile reactions at the outset of discussions. He recognised the sentiments of Black Lives Matter and said that the statement sent a powerful and progressive message to the community.


Councillor Light supported the statement. She referred to the death of George Floyd and the need to work closely with the Black and Minority Ethnic community.


Councillor Pepper, as portfolio holder, supported the statement and said that any discrimination should not be tolerated.


Councillors Barker, Driscoll, Sell, Hargreaves, LeCount, Tayler, Lees, Dean, Asker, Gregory, Loughlin, Criscione and Fairhurst all spoke in positive support of the statement. It was stressed that the statement referred specifically to the view that black lives matter. Members considered that this was an excellent starting point. It was stated that earlier versions of the statement had been much improved upon. Comments were made that discrimination still continued because of ethnic origin and that much discrimination was hidden; there was a need for vigilance and to be inclusive. It was said that Members should not make this a political issue but should all work together.


The Chair thanked everybody for their input and said that a vote was needed. He asked if there was any dissent; he ruled that the statement was supported unanimously.


          RESOLVED: Council is recommended:

a.     To endorse the statement set out below, and

b.    to establish Community Listening Events, referred to in para 6 and establish an Oversight Panel, referred to in para 7


Joint Statement Of Commitment And Action Regarding Equality,  Inclusion And Diversity


1.    The recent protests surrounding violence against members of America’s black community were a salutary reminder that systemic prejudice and racial disadvantage in their many guises are ever present around the world. They have no place in the 21st century.

2.    Here in the UK, the Black Lives Matter demonstrations focused the nation’s conscience on what it means to be on the receiving end of racism and the continuing disparity in life chances and quality of life faced by our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities. We are clear that black lives do matter. Prejudice is something this Council will not tolerate.

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