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Draft Terms of Reference

Meeting: 29/07/2020 - Local Plan Leadership Group (Item 3)

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To consider the Draft Terms of Reference for the Local Plan Leadership group.


TheChair readout theLocal PlanLeadership GroupWorking Arrangements. Thearrangements outlinedhow themeetings wouldbe managed.




I intend to Chair the Group as follows:-


·      As a cross-party working group seeking to ensure the optimum outcome for the district as a whole (as distinct from either an individual or a party-political group seeking to protect any particular area(s) of the district from development, or direct development to any particular area(s));        


·      In furtherance of the above, I shall look to Members to act as District, rather than Ward, Councillors.   This will require:-

-       in accordance with recognised best practice, resignation from membership of any organisation either promoting or opposing development in any particular locality in the district; and

-       In accordance with the National Code of Local Government Conduct, Members declaring a private or personal non-pecuniary interest arising at meetings and deciding whether that interest is clear and substantial.   If it is not, then you may continue to take part in the discussion of the matter and may vote on it.   If, however, it is a clear and substantial interest, then you should not take any further part in the proceedings and should withdraw from the meeting.


In deciding whether such an interest is clear and substantial, you should examine your conscience and ask yourself whether members of the public, knowing the facts of the situation, would reasonably think that you might be influenced by it.  If you think that that would be the case, you should regard the interest as clear and substantial and withdraw accordingly;


·      Members should feel free, where appropriate:-

-       to question and challenge the guidance and recommendations to our Group from the officers of the local plan team; and

-       to invite consultants undertaking studies on behalf of the council to make a presentation to the Group explaining the overall approach taken,  summarise their findings and answer any questions that Members pose;


·      Whilst I have previously met with, discussed and agreed matters with planning policy officers together with the portfolio-holder on local plan matters, I have now stepped away from that (because of the obvious conflict of interest to which it would give rise) and, with regard to reports to this group, will communicate only indirectly with officers through meetings with the portfolio-holder (as indicated in the process set out in the organogram (entitled Appendix 2 UDC Local Plan 2020 - 2040 Governance Structure, Activities and Networks) which shows how the various forums and meetings relate to each other in the overall decision-making process);


·      All Members are treated fairly and reasonably with regard to the length and, more importantly, frequency with which they are allowed to speak;


·      In the event that a Member cannot attend a meeting, no substitute will be allowed;


·      I will appoint a Vice-Chair of the Group;


·      The Portfolio-holder for Planning and the Local Plan meetings will be invited to ask and/or answer any questions that may arise.


·      Given that we have a monumental, complicated and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3