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Meeting: 09/06/2021 - Planning Committee (Item 14)

14 UTT/20/1744/FUL - Land East of St Edmunds Lane, GREAT DUNMOW pdf icon PDF 668 KB

To consider application UTT/20/1744/FUL.


The Principal Planning Officer presented an application for the erection of 30 custom/self-build dwellings with associated parking provision, new service roads to include new access formed to the south west through the approved housing scheme, and onto St Edmunds Lane, and associated drainage works.


The application was recommended for approval with conditions with S106.


Members debated the location of the development with some members stating that the site was not in a suitable location as St Edmunds Lane was already densely developed and the development sticks out into agricultural fields, contrary to the Dunmow Neighbourhood Plan. Other members argued that there was not enough brownfield land to build on in Uttlesford, so the committee should not reject the application, based on the development being on a green field site. 


Members raised further concerns that individuals on the self-build register may not want to build in an estate environment and that the requirements for self-build homes have already been met in the area. Officers clarified that there was not a requirement in the NPPF for self-build applications to provide affordable housing but the Council’s Housing Department were supportive of this application as it produced a worthy product to address the demand on the self-build register.


Councillor Lemon proposed that the application be approved. This was seconded by Councillor Loughlin. The motion was defeated.  


Councillor Bagnall proposed that the application be refused due to conflicting with the following policies:

·         Policy DS1 of the Great Dunmow Neighbourhood Plan (Outside the Town Development Area)

·         Policy LSC1 of the Dunmow Neighbourhood Plan (Impact on landscape, setting and character)

·         Policy S7 of the Uttlesford Local Plan (Impact on the countryside)

·         Policy ENV2 of the Uttlesford Local Plan (Impact on heritage asset)


 This was seconded by Councillor Emmanuel.


RESOLVED to refuse the application


Councillor P Lavelle (Mayor of Great Dunmow Town Council) spoke against the application and S Bampton (agent) spoke in favour of the application.