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Apologies for Absence and Declarations of Interest

To receive any apologies for absence and declarations of interest.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors T Farthing, M Foley, A Gerard, T Goddard, G LeCount, H Ryles.  T Cobden (Principal Environmental Health Officer) and R Harborough (Director – Public Services).



Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 62 KB

To consider the minutes of the previous meeting.


The notes from the previous meeting held on 20 March 2018 were received and signed as an accurate record.



UTT/18/0460/FUL - Arrangements for monitoring the S196 agreement and planning conditions pdf icon PDF 61 KB

To receive the report on the arrangements that the Council would put in place to monitor the S106 agreement and planning conditions for airport expansion to 43mppa should planning permission be granted. Presented by Jeremy Pine (Planning Policy/Development Management Liaison Officer).


The Chairman said that from the last meeting they were very concerned with how the expansion of Stansted and the transport infrastructure outside the airport related to the Local Plan. The Chairman asked the Planning Policy/Development Management Liaison Officer to bear that in mind when the S106 agreements were discussed.


The Chairman requested that the next update to the Panel on S106 should focus more on outcomes.


The Planning Policy/Development Management Liaison Officer took the Panel through the report, and the Panel noted the monitoring arrangements that would be put in place.


The Planning Policy/Development Management Liaison Officer noted the following points for the Panel:


The S106 was in its draft form. The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government (SSHCLG) had not yet determined whether to call in the application or to leave the council to issue the decision notice.  The process is also subject to a challenge from Stop Stansted Expansion against the Secretary of State for Transport in concluding that the proposals did not constitute a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project.  The action is currently stayed until a date to be arranged in March.


The Panel discussed the intention of rolling the S106 agreements into one for monitoring, and the reasons as to why this had not happened. The S106 monitoring was now the remit of the development management team and a new S106 monitoring and enforcement officer had been appointed.   The Development Management team would manage the obligations in all of the three agreements.



The Chairman asked the Planning Policy/Development Management Liaison Officer that the triggers in the agreements should relate to throughput rather than time or construction where possible.  It was noted that in the past some obligations had not been triggered as a result of the economic downturn and construction changes.


Councillor Fairhurst said that he had concerns about timing; there was a possibility that permission would be granted before mitigation is established. He said that the previous agreements had been aspirational with no real outcomes. 


The Chairman agreed with Councillor Fairhurst, and cited noise as an example.


The Chairman asked the Planning Policy/Development Management Liaison Officer when the Panel could expect to see a draft of the S106 agreement.


The Planning Policy/Development Management Liaison Officer said it would be available once counsel had advised that it was ready to be published.


Councillor Fairhurst asked if it would make more sense to have a discussion about it before it was published, so that the Panel could have an input in the process.  The Panel agreed that it would be good to see it and make comments before publishing.


Councillor Jones asked that the Panel have a close look to ensure that everything in the S106 was enforceable.


The Chairman asked the Planning Policy/Development Management Liaison Officer to provide the Panel with the S106 schedule, and to communicate the Panel’s wishes to management.  


The Panel discussed the Airport’s Transport Forum and raised concerns that the forum was more of a monitoring body. The Panel  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Aircraft Movements Data pdf icon PDF 78 KB

To receive the report about data on the movement of aircraft at Stansted Airport. Presented by Jeremy Pine (Planning Policy/Development Management Liaison Officer).

Additional documents:


The Planning Policy/Development Management Liaison Officer took the Panel through the Aircraft Movement Data.


The Panel said that Stansted Airport should not be permitted to carry over unused night flight quota allowances into the following season. They also wanted an annual quota rather than different quotas for the summer and winter periods.


The Panel noted that the night movement data reported to the Stansted Airport Advisory Committee reported to the council by MAG contained some discrepancies for January to March 2018.  MAG had acknowledged these discrepancies and had confirmed that the QC and movement quotas for that winter period had not been exceeded.


The night noise restrictions regime is set by the government. The Chairman said that he would seek clarification of the discrepancies from MAG.


The respective merits of using LEQ contours and N-numbers for noise metrics were discussed. The Chairman said that averaging noise exposure did not reflect the experience of those affected, but the number of noise events would.


The Planning Policy/Development Management Liaison Officer said that the Government was currently consulting on a new UK Aviation Strategy to 2050, and that a consultation on the next night flight restrictions would start in the latter part of the year.



·                     Chairman to clarify points on aircraft movement data with MAG.



Airport Car Parking Update pdf icon PDF 87 KB

To receive the report setting out the position relating to passenger car parking associated with Stansted Airport.  Presented by Jeremy Pine (Planning Policy / Development Management Liaison Officer)


The Planning Policy/Development Management Liaison Officer took the Panel through the Airport Car Parking Update.


Councillor Jones said that there had been a marked improvement now that NEPP were monitoring the area more closely.


Councillor Fairhurst raised concerns about moving the problem elsewhere. He said that there were already huge pressures on people trying to get to the airport. As a result the residents in the local areas suffer.


The Panel discussed what is done around other international airports abroad.  Councillor Fairhurst said that alternatives that actually work needed to be discussed.


Councillor Jones said that the problem of local opportunist carparks was rife. Unlicensed agents parked cars elsewhere in places like Priors Green generating local traffic movement. Councillor Lemon said that this was starting to happen in Hatfield Heath too, mentioning Pond Lane in particular.


The Chairman said that there needed to be a simpler way of controlling on-street parking that distinguished airport related parking from residents parking. He suggested using an automatic number plate recognition system.


Councillor Fairhurst asked if systems could be deployed on an experimental basis.  He specifically mentioned off-airport licensed car parking using shuttle busses.


The Chairman said the Panel could recommend that the Cabinet explore alternatives for controlling airport parking, and that the new Local Plan Policy SP11 had been amended to allow for this in appropriate circumstances. 


Councillor Jones also said that there were large areas suitable for parking within the airport boundary which were not being used.


The Chairman said that the Panel could make a recommendation to Cabinet that Stansted Airport consider opening these areas.


The Panel said that the airport needs to take responsibility and provide solutions to the local issues that arise from airport parking.


The Planning Policy/Development Management Liaison Officer and members discussed the actions currently being taken as set out in paragraph 26 of the report.



       The Panel propose ideas for alternative airport parking ideas and ask MAG about the potential for additional parking within the airport site.



Environmental Health (Commercial Report Impact and risk planning EU Exit - No deal scenario pdf icon PDF 74 KB

To receive the report considering the implications for the Environmental Health imported food service of the UK leaving the European Union under a no deal scenario.


The Planning Policy/Development Management Liaison Officer advised that the Principal Environmental Health Officer was not at the meeting however he would take any questions that the Members had about the report back to be answered. 


Councillor Fairhurst said that Stansted would be one of the main points of contact with complex planning for risk.  He asked how advanced these plans were and how much UDC knew about them.  There was already chaos at passport control when things were working normally and a number of planes landed close together.



Draft Noise Action Plan pdf icon PDF 9 MB

Verbal presentation by Chairman.

Additional documents:


The Chairman took the Panel through the Draft Noise Action Plan 2019-2023 which is appended to these notes.


Councillor Fairhurst asked whether the Noise Action Plan would be reviewed by a noise specialist.


The Chairman said that the Noise Action Plan was not legally binding. It was aspirational and that there were no sanctions on an airport operator for not having one, but that it would be worth commenting on it.



Any other business


Councillor Jones asked the Chairman for an update on pedestrian access to the airport.


The Chairman said that he had been in contact with the airport’s Planning Manager about the pedestrian and cycle access plans into the facilities from the roundabout on Parsonage Road just outside the perimeter, but he had not received a response.


The Chairman thanked the Planning Policy/Development Management Liaison Officer for his assistance.


Finally the Chairman drew the Panel’s attention to a topical article in the Daily Express.





The meeting ended at 8.35pm.