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Planning Committee

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Information about Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is a committee of the Council. It has the power to make decisions on planning applications. This committee is open to the public. To register to speak at a Planning Committee meeting, please contact the Democratic Services team by 2pm the day before the meeting. Contact details for Democratic Services are as follows:, or call 01799 510 410/369/548.


The arrangements for public speaking at Planning Committee are as follows:


The Town or parish council representative and members of the public may attend the meeting and speak on any application. They must register with the Democratic Services Officer at Uttlesford District Council (telephone 01799 510410) or e-mail: by 2pm on the day before the meeting.


The order of speaking for each application will be as follows:

1.                   Non-committee member

2.                   Supporters

3.                   Objectors

4.                   Town or parish council

5.                   Applicant or Agent


The town/parish council representative may speak for up to 5 minutes, members of the public may speak for up to 4 minutes. Ten slots are available between supporters/objectors.