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Budget Update and Consultation Responses 2019-20

To receive the Budget Update and Consultation Responses 2019-20 report.


The Cabinet Member for Finance and Administration presented the report to the Committee, which provided an overview of the budget setting process and results of the budget consultation. Members commended the high response rate to the questionnaire, which was higher than in previous years. For residents, the highest ranked priority for the Council was the ‘emptying of bins and running the recycling service’. For businesses, the highest ranked priority related to ‘planning how the district will develop in the coming decades, including where new houses and businesses will be located’. 


In response to a Member question relating to Business Rates retention, the Assistant Director – Resources said she would circulate a summary note and accompanying graphic to help explain the complexities of the system.


The Chairman asked how responses to the consultation would affect policy.


Councillor Howell said this was a consultation, not a referendum, but the priorities expressed by residents were normally in line with those of the Council.


Members discussed the Council’s projected finances and current funding levels. There was agreement that Uttlesford’s investment strategy would be crucial if the Council intended to provide its current level of services in future.


The Committee noted the report.


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