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Application for the review of a premises licence - Indian Villa Thaxted

To consider the application for a premises licence – Indian Villa, Thaxted.


Mr Sutherland requested on behalf of the Indian Villa that the meeting be deferred for three reasons:

·         An application to transfer the premises licence to a new Designated Premises Supervisor had been filed the previous day.

·         Government regulations stipulated that it was necessary to give ten working days notice of the intention to hold a hearing, and in this case the licence holder had only received 9 days notice.

·         His client had fallen ill and was not able to be present to represent himself. Mr Sutherland did not have instructions to proceed with the meeting.


The Solicitor said the Council had not received the fee to transfer the premises licence, and Essex Police had not been advised of the application. She advised that given the correct notice period had not been given, and because the client deserved the right to be heard, that the meeting be deferred.


It was agreed that the meeting would be deferred until a later date. The Chair apologised to those present for any inconvenience caused.



The meeting closed at 10.45.

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