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Corporate Plan Delivery Plan for 2020/21

To consider the Corporate Plan Delivery Plan 2020/21.


RESOLVED to approve the Corporate Plan Delivery Plan 2020/21.


The Leader introduced the report on the Corporate Plan Delivery Plan for 2020/21. He said much work had gone into producing a plan that was comprehensive in scope, although he acknowledged that due to the unprecedented public health emergency the Plan could not be implemented in full.


In response to a Member comment regarding the delivery of sustainable settlements and locally led development corporations, the Leader said it was fair to say that this was an aspiration and would be subject to the new Local Plan.


In response to a Member comment relating to the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) policy and the risk that the Council would be left behind in terms of implementation, the Leader said he was principally in favour of CIL but a decision had yet to have been made.


In response to a Member comment pertaining to the delivery of affordable homes in the District, and the lack of measurable outcomes contained in the Delivery Plan, Councillor Lees said these were unprecedented times and it was not in the interests of the public to state an arbitrary number when there was so much economic uncertainty. Clarity was particularly needed in regard to the Housing Revenue Account Business Plan. She said the Administration would remain ambitious in its aspiration to build affordable homes.


 In response to a Member question relating to the maintenance of council homes, the Director – Public Services said the Capital Programme did include work to maintain properties and the programme would be pursued once resources became available.


In response to a Member comment regarding smarter targets, milestones and measurable outcomes, the Leader said as the financial picture became clearer, further work would be carried out on the Delivery Plan.


Councillor Gregory said whilst he agreed that there was no point in publicising arbitrary targets for the sake of it, it would be helpful to state what areas of the Corporate Plan would be delivered in the current context, and in what areas the council would struggle to meet targets.


Councillor Hargreaves said the first objective of the Administration would be to meet basic services and bills; the current situation was unprecedented and it was near in impossible to forecast how things would be following the recovery. Central Government policy would have a significant impact on how the council moved forward and it was not clear what the rules would be in areas such as borrowing.


Councillor Pepper said the world currently faced two crises in the form of climate change and Covid-19. She said she would strongly push the climate change agenda forward and it was imperative that the council continued to act.


Councillor Day said these were unprecedented times and the council had to be extremely prudent when it came down to public money; he said an individual would not spend more than they could afford and the same principle should be applied to public resources.


Councillor Eke said the role of a Portfolio Holder would be more about lobbying and driving certain projects forward through influence, rather than spending money to achieve their aims.


Councillor Dean asked why the commitment to a net zero carbon emissions was not mentioned in the Plan although it had been approved by Council.


Councillor Pepper said the Administration were committed to that target as a climate change emergency had been declared. She said all Council activity had to adhere to that target.


Councillors Evans and Freeman praised the Delivery Plan for its inclusion of planning policies, and for bringing such policies in line with council resolutions. This would give such policies “teeth” when dealing with applicants during the planning process. Particular reference was made to a sustainable build policy. 


Councillor Lees asked for a minor change to the terminology in regard to social and affordable housing. Cabinet signalled their consent to the amendment.


            RESOLVED to approve the Corporate Plan Delivery Plan 2020/21.



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