Agenda item

UTT/20/0386/FUL - Dunmow Road, Takeley

To consider planning application UTT/20/0386/FUL.


The Planning Officer presented a proposal for the demolition of the existing B&B bungalow and the erection of a block of flats creating 8 planning units. The proposed development would be two storeys high, with windows to all elevations, with rendered walls and a slate roof. Each flat would have two bedrooms and two parking spaces and there would be two visitor parking spaces provided. The density would be 60 dwellings per hectare. Access would be from Dunmow Road. The existing landscaping to the frontage would remain and a 2m hedge would be planted along the rear boundary. Revised plans had been submitted to increase the shared amenity space, increase the parking provision, to remove the connection to the Flitch Way and to increase the width of the access to measure 5.5m to a depth of 6m.


The Planning Officer said that the buildings would be 6.9 metres high as compared to the current height of 6.8 metres and that of properties on the other side of the road at 8.9 metres. She said that the proposal complied with the Essex Design Guide.


The application was recommended for conditional approval.


Members discussed the possible visible impact from the Flitch Way, whether the proposal was in keeping with the street scene, visitors’ car parking arrangements and the increased access width. The Planning Officer said that the proposals complied with parking standards.


Councillor Loughlin stated that she had visited the site and could find no reason to refuse permission for planning reasons. The Planning Officer showed the Committee the current aerial view as to the impact on the Flitch Way.


Councillor Bagnall suggested that two additional conditions be added in respect of screening at the rear of the site being of sufficient height and that there be a management plan for building works in place to control highways issues. A suggestion was made that the screening could perhaps be a large prickly hedge.


Councillor Le Count proposed a motion for approval with the two additional conditions.


Councillor Loughlin seconded the motion.



RESOLVED to approve the application subject to the conditions set out in the officer’s report and the two following additional conditions:


11. No development shall take place, including any ground works or demolition, until a Construction Management Plan has been submitted to, and approved in writing by, the local planning authority. The approved plan shall be adhered to throughout the construction period. The plan shall provide for:

i. safe access into the site;

ii. the parking of vehicles of site operatives and visitors

ii. loading and unloading of plant and materials

iii. storage of plant and materials used in constructing the development

iv. wheel and underbody washing facilities.


REASON: To ensure that on-street parking of these vehicles in the adjoining streets does not occur and to ensure that loose materials and spoil are not brought out onto the highway in the interests of highway safety.


12. Before development commences full details of the landscape works to the rear boundary shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority. subsequently, these works shall be carried out as approved. The landscaping details to be submitted shall include;

A) planting plans, including specifications of species, sizes, planting centres, number and percentage mix (to include some prickly planting).


REASON:  The landscaping of this site is required in order to protect and enhance the existing visual character of the area and to reduce the visual and environmental impacts of the development hereby permitted in accordance with ULP policy GEN2.


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