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UTT/20/1108/DFO - Holly Hedge, Woodmans Lane, Duddenhoe End, Elmdon

To consider application UTT/20/1108/DFO.


The Planning Officer presented a proposal for the erection of two detached dwellings along with two detached single storey double garages. Plot 1 dwelling would be two storeys and plot 2 dwelling would be single storey and both would have gabled roofs. The Planning Officer said that the Parish Council (PC) had been consulted twice. On the first consultation round the PC had objected but had made no comments on the second consultation round. This did not mean their objection had been withdrawn.


The application was recommended for approval with conditions.


Members discussed the history of the planning application and the fact that the Inspector had previously granted permission for two single storey dwellings on appeal. Some Members expressed concern that one of the proposed dwellings was a two storey building whereas other Members considered the same building to be either one and a half storey or single storey with roof space as there were no windows overlooking other properties. Some Members also considered the scale too large for the site and location. Councillors Freeman and Fairhurst further considered that this was backland development but recognised that the Inspector had granted planning permission. Further discussion then took place as to whether to condition a tarmac driveway, which the agent had said he was happy to provide, or to ensure a compacted shingle/ pea shingle solution.


Councillor Fairhurst proposed refusal of the application on the grounds of scale GEN2. The motion was seconded by Councillor Freeman.


The motion was lost.


Councillor Sutton then proposed approval of the application with an additional condition in respect of the materials with which the drive was surfaced in order to reduce noise impact.


Councillor LeCount seconded the motion.


Councillor Reeve raised the issue of possibly conditioning solar panels on Plot 2. The Development Manager stated that the trigger for this installation could be within six months of occupation of Plot 2. Councillor Sutton accepted this additional proposed condition to her motion.


RESOLVED to approve the application subject to the two additional conditions.


     13. Prior to occupation of the development hereby approved, and notwithstanding any plans indicating otherwise, the gravelled part of the driveway must be changed into a material that will cause less noise (but not tarmac and not too urban) and details of the materials for the surface treatments (including samples and/or photographs of the materials to be used, as appropriate) for the driveway hereby approved must be submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority. Thereafter, the development must be carried out strictly in accordance with the approved details and shall be retained in that manner in perpetuity. Any potential changes in the future shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority.

REASON: To ensure compatibility with the character of the area and the character and openness of the countryside location in accordance with ULP Policies S7, GEN2, H4, ENV3, the Essex Design Guide, the SPD Accessible Homes and Playspace, and the NPPF.

     14. Within 6 months from occupation of the Plot 2 dwelling hereby approved, the solar panels on its rear (south) elevation, shall be implemented in accordance with the approved PLOT 2 HOUSE - PROPOSED FLOOR PLANS AND ELEVATIONS (ref. 1701.10 F, dated 12 May 2020). Thereafter, the solar panels shall be retained for this purpose in perpetuity. any potential future changes shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.

REASON: To provide a high quality design in compliance with ULP Policy GEN2 and the NPPF.



Councillor N Gregory spoke on the application.



The Committee adjourned at 3.33 pm and reconvened at 3.41 pm.



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