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Corporate Plan Delivery Plan 2021/22

To consider the Corporate Plan Delivery Plan 2021/22.


RESOLVED to approve the corporate plan delivery plan 2021/22, as set out in appendices A-D.



Councillor Reeve presented the report on the Corporate Plan Delivery Plan (CPDP) 2021/22. He said the Plan had been robustly scrutinised at the Scrutiny Committee and he had taken note of their comments, but there would be no changes made to the CPDP. He proposed approval of the document.


In addition to the comments made by Councillor Gregory earlier in the meeting, 10 points had been submitted by Councillor LeCount the evening before. In summary, Councillor Reeve responded to these points as follows:


· The Administration had decided not to strip out “business as usual” items as there was a wish to provide a degree of continuity with the Administration’s agenda.

·There was a great deal of detail contained within the CPDP as the Administration wanted to show how each priority was progressing throughout the year. Whilst the Scrutiny Committee considered this a weakness, the Administration felt it was of benefit.

·Youth – more detail and measurable targets had been requested by the Committee. However, the Administration were satisfied that there was sufficient detail and the Portfolio Holder, Councillor Day, was aware of what was required. Progress would be reviewed mid-year.

· Corporate Change programme regarding the efficient running of the Council– the Committee felt more detail was required but Councillor Reeve said he was satisfied that the CPDP spelt out how to achieve the said programme and no change was required.

·Member training programme – the Administration would wait until the end of the pandemic before diverting from the current ‘ad hoc’ approach.

·The consequence of purchasing the Little Canfield site had not been included as an action within the CPDP but was encapsulated in the ‘Uttlesford moving forward’ project.


Councillor Reeve said there was a general theme running through all points that had been raised by Scrutiny and said he would stop there.


The Leader said Cabinet were minded to approve the CPDP as presented in the report, but Councillor Reeve would write to the Scrutiny Committee to formally respond to the points raised.


Councillor Lees thanked Councillor Reeve for his presentation and asked whether the CPDP would be reviewed in the late summer.


The Leader confirmed and said the CPDP would be reviewed mid-year.


Councillor Pepper said the document was live and some elements would be updated, such as the tree planting scheme she was working on within her portfolio.


Councillor Evans referenced the Local Plan process and said “locally led Development Corporations” would only be applicable if it was resolved that new communities were the way forward. He said developer contributions would also be looked at and a Scrutiny Task & Finish Group had been setup to explore the matter.


Councillor Day said Youth was the only new initiative included in the CPDP. It had been introduced due to concerns that young people would be particularly impacted upon by the pandemic. However, he was pleased that young people would be consulted on the Local Plan process so their voices could be heard, and that further details would be released once young people’s involvement had been scoped.


Councillor Armstrong seconded the proposal.


In response to a question from Councillor Reeve, the Chief Executive said the document was live and it would be helpful for both officers and Members for the Plan to be reviewed mid-year. She also confirmed that the intention was to revert to quarterly reports to monitor the progress of the CPDP.


The proposal was unanimously approved.


RESOLVED to approve the corporate plan delivery plan 2021/22, as set out in appendices A-D.


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