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Licensing and Environmental Health Committee, 2022

The Cabinet (or the Leader of the Cabinet) takes decisions, some of which will be “key” decisions, generally requiring advance notice to be given. This page is where you can see the statutory notices in relation to any key decisions to be taken. Notices are published according to whether there are any key decisions to be taken at the next meeting of Cabinet, or as required if a key decision is to be taken in between Cabinet meetings.

Uttlesford District Council’s definition of a Key Decision is:

1. The decision is likely to result in the Council incurring expenditure or making savings in excess of £100,000, subject to the following:

• Decisions on the acquisition or disposal of land or of an interest in land will be key decisions if their value exceeds £500,000.

The following are not key decisions:

• Loans or borrowing decisions made in accordance with the Treasury Management Policy.

• Decisions relating to the engagement of staff unless falling within paragraph 4.

• Contract awards or renewals for vehicles, plant, machinery, goods, supplies and services where budget provision has been made and the award or renewal is within budget.

• Contract awards where the decision to let the contract has already been treated as a key decision.

2. The decision is likely to be significant in terms of its effects on communities living or working in Uttlesford.

3. The decision relates to the adoption or revision of plans and policies which would have a significant impact on the way in which the Council carries out its statutory functions.

4. The decision relates to consideration by the Cabinet of proposals which would have a significant impact on the provision of services to the public or on the operational management of the Council.

In considering whether a decision is likely to be significant, a decision-maker will need to consider the strategic nature of the decision and whether the outcome will have an impact, for better or worse on the amenity of the community or quality of service provided by the Council to a significant number of people living or working in the locality affected.


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