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2020/21 Corporate Risk Register - Update 1

Meeting: 30/11/2020 - Governance, Audit and Performance Committee (Item 4)

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To consider the Corporate Risk Register 2020-21 Update 1 report.

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The Assistant Director – Corporate Services introduced the report. He said there was not much to add to the comprehensive written report other than to say that COVID- 19 had touched every aspect of Council work and the Corporate Risk Register had been recast to reflect this. He also explained the long-lead in times in the process that meant that data had been updated to reflect the positions as in October 2020.


Councillor Bagnall said that the Appendix showed three red risk ratings and suggested that in future the red ratings be identified first by re-ordering the information.


This suggestion was accepted by the Assistant Director – Corporate Services.


Councillor Khan referred to risk 20-CR-07 Governance and asked if the Original Likelihood rating of 2 and the Original impact figure score of 4 was correct. He referred to the current situation where the accounts had yet to be signed off and represented potential reputational risk to the Council.


The Chief Executive said that the risk ratings were correct and were based on the arrangements and processes in place within the organisation. She said that this was the Corporate Risk Register and that the frameworks in place were considered to be robust enough. She said there was nothing to say that arrangements had not been effective. She referred to the fact that Members had undertaken training and that there were arrangements in place for their on-going professional development.


Councillor Bagnall suggested that in future on the first page of the Appendix an actual table be shown rather than an indicative one.


The Assistant Director – Corporate Services indicated that he would take this on board and would perhaps include the number of risks that fell into each category.


The Chair said there was no recommendation on this report and he moved on to the next item.