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Meeting: 01/07/2020 - Planning Committee (Item 3)

3 UTT/19/2900/DFO - London Road, Newport pdf icon PDF 571 KB

To consider planning application UTT/19/2900/DFO.


The Senior Planning Officer stated that this application considered the reserved matters following outline application UTT/16/1290/OP in respect of details of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for 11 dwellings. He outlined the site history and summarised the representations made. Newport Parish Council had indicated that they were broadly supportive of the plan in principle but had concerns about several changes within the application.


The application was recommended for approval with conditions.


The Committee adjourned at 2.40 pm and reconvened at 2.46 pm.


Members discussed the proposed housing layout, the frontage, the building line at the rear of the properties, landscaping, screening arrangements and provision of affordable housing.


The Development Manager confirmed that the outline planning permission had not lapsed but that the matter would fall if the application was refused but would remain live if deferred.


The Solicitor advised that a S106 agreement is a contract enforceable by action by either party and that therefore the Council was contractually obliged to accept the two affordable homes under the existing S106 agreement.


Members considered that the views of the Parish Council and that of the applicant were not that far apart and that note should also be taken of Newport’s emerging Neighbourhood Plan.


Councillor Pavitt proposed a motion for the item to be deferred and for Planning Officers to facilitate a meeting between the applicant and the Parish Council for further discussions.


Councillor Storah seconded the motion.


RESOLVED to defer and for Planning Officers to host a meeting between the applicant and the Parish Council for further discussions.



J Emanuel, Councillor Hargreaves and P Stocking spoke on the application.



The Committee adjourned at 3.18 pm and reconvened at 3.26 pm.